Addiction Treatment for Seniors

Addiction Treatment for Seniors in Dalton, GA

Restoration Recovery offers specialty addiction treatment programs and offers help to a number of select groups. The groups include addicted seniors, adult men and women, pregnant or postpartum women, and people with co-occurring mental and substance use disorders. We are located at 1500 Dug Gap Rd Dalton, GA 30720Call us today to learn more about our recovery program.

Addiction Treatment for Seniors Near Me in Dalton, GA
Addiction Treatment for Seniors Near Me in Dalton, GA

If you or someone you love is a senior in need of addiction treatment, reach out to us here at Restoration Recovery. There’s a lot our clinic can do to help, such as by providing opioid addiction recovery counselling, and more. We’re your local provider of addiction treatment for seniors in Dalton, GA. Connect with our clinic to learn more about us and everything we can do to help you recover, restore your health, and renew your relationships.

How do substance use disorders affect older adults?

Older adults can use illegal drugs or abuse legal ones, abuse alcohol, or combine alcohol with medicines, and these things can cause serious health problems as well as legal problems. It’s common for relationships to be affected too.

One of the problems with substance use disorders in older adults is that they can be overlooked, possibly because older adults tend to use substances by themselves, as opposed to in public, or because older adults may not go to school or work where other people can find out about and help with the problem. Also, the signs of substance use disorder can be similar to those of other common geriatric health problems like dementia.

With alcohol abuse, older adults are especially at risk for significant problems such as slower reaction times that may cause falls and other accidents. It can be fatal to mix alcohol and medicine, and this is something older adults may be more likely to do. Alcohol can also trigger or worsen geriatric health problems like high blood pressure. With the misuse of medicine, like taking too much of a medicine or abusing it, there can be other and similar problems.

There are some common signs of substance use disorder in older adults, like:

  • Changes in behavior – Like repeated falls, incontinence, headaches, dizziness, changes in eating habits, losing touch with family, thoughts about suicide, legal problems, or money problems
  • Changes in mental abilities – Like feeling anxious a lot of the time, worsening memory, an inability to focus, difficulty making decisions, losing interest in regular activities, mood swings, or depression

What types of rehab are there? What is geriatric rehab?

There are many different types of treatments available for addictions and substance use disorder. Detoxification, medicine, counseling, therapy, 12-step programs, and other support groups are helpful. Often, treatment is as simple as learning more about the medications you take and how/when to take them. It may even be possible to cut back on how many medications you take. Please, however, don’t make any changes like this without the guidance of a medical professional.

For older adults, geriatric rehab will very likely help. This kind of rehabilitation is similar to others, but also entails improving sensory impairment and preventing falls, osteoporosis, and other related health complications.

Does Medicare cover residential treatment centers?

Yes, Medicare Part A can help cover inpatient rehabilitation at treatment centers like Restoration Recovery. To learn more about this topic and how your treatment will be covered with us, get in touch with us today.

Do you offer addiction treatment for seniors in Dalton, GA?

Yes, we do! The Restoration Recovery clinic is located at 1500 Dug Gap Rd Dalton, GA 30720, and you can reach us at (423) 436-5112. Don’t hesitate to call us if you’d like to learn more about how we can help, if you’d like to learn about coverage for our services, or if you’d like to book a consultation with us at our clinic in Dalton. Book with us online if you’d prefer to. We serve patients from Dalton GA, Fairmount TN, Walden TN, Harrison TN, Middle Valley TN, Signal Mountain TN, and surrounding areas.

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