Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Questions and Answers

Alcohol Addiction can have negative consequences on your lives. That’s why our trained professionals are here to help you with Alcohol Addiction. Call today or schedule an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you in Chattanooga, TN and Dalton, GA.

Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Near Me in Chattanooga, TN and Dalton, GA
Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Near Me in Chattanooga, TN and Dalton, GA

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What are the five stages of recovery from alcohol addiction?
Does insurance cover alcohol addiction programs?
What is the first step in the alcohol addiction program?
How do I know if I have an alcohol addiction?

Addiction is a cruel ruler that promises momentary pleasure in exchange for your freedom. Like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, it disguises itself as a friend before revealing itself to be a beast. However, addiction is not something that can be conquered on your own but requires the help and support of people that care for your wellbeing and have the resources, knowledge, and experience to free you from the cage. At Restoration Recovery, our kind and professional staff are dedicated to helping individuals who have succumbed to addiction to finding enduring freedom and inner peace.

What are the five stages of recovery from alcohol addiction?

There are two different five-stage models for recovery from alcohol addiction. However, the differences are very subtle, and they mostly follow the same pattern. The more traditional five stages are as follows:

1.Acknowledgment of Addiction: The first stage in this model occurs when the addict first acknowledges that they have a problem that is outside of their control and that they need help. This stage does not necessarily mean that the addict has stopped using.
2.Awareness of Addiction: This second stage involves an acceptance of the fact of the addiction, as well as how their actions might have hurt themselves, their family, or their friends. The individual begins to recognize the harmful effects of their addiction. Again, the individual may not have completely given up the substance at this time.
3.Recovery Exploration: Once the individual sufficiently grasps the harm of their addiction, they being to consider recovery options that are more constructive than weaning or self-determination. Addicts are often still using while they are exploring recovery options.
4.Start Addiction Recovery: In this stage, the addict takes a leap into what life is like without their substance of choice with the help of trained professionals and robust support. The addict may experience a relapse during this stage, which is okay as long as they get up and try again!
5.Ongoing Aftercare and Recover: There is no definite arrival when it comes to recovery from addiction. It consists of vigilance and continued aftercare to keep your mind and body focused on health and whatever helps the addict refrain from using their substance.

The other five-stage model is quite similar. However, each stage goes by a different name and aims to include within the model those who have not yet acknowledged their addiction. It goes as follows:

1.Precontemplation: The addict in this phase is not ready to admit that they have a substance abuse problem and is unsuspecting of the severity of their condition.
2.Contemplation: Similar to the acknowledgment phase, the addict begins to consider the seriousness of their situation and their need for help.
3.Preparation: The addict in this phase have acknowledged their addiction and made definite plans to overcome their addiction.
4.Action: Once the plans have been developed, the addict carries them to fruition with the help of a support group, trained professionals, and acknowledgment of their need for help.
5.Maintenance: The addict continues to use the tools they gain from their support group and rehabilitation routine to stay sober and liberated from their addiction.

Does insurance cover alcohol addiction programs?

If you have health insurance, we will most likely accommodate that so that you can receive the benefits of our alcohol addiction programs at an affordable rate or without charge, depending on your specific plan. Visit our Insurances Accepted page for more information!

What is the first step in the alcohol addiction program?

In any alcohol addiction program, the necessary first step is detoxification, in which we will help your body clear itself from the toxins and residue of the substance so that you can move towards recovery. This step is often the most difficult for addicts as it can often be accompanied by taxing withdrawal symptoms and cravings. However, our support staff are here for you every step of the way to encourage you, sympathize with you, and help you continue to move forward through to recovery. We can also provide treatment during the detoxification phase to limit and minimize the severity of your symptoms.

How do I know if I have an alcohol addiction?

When someone has an addiction, they are often the last ones to know, unfortunately. The people who love us and want to see us thrive are usually the first to know. Talk to those you trust and care about you if you are concerned that you might have an alcohol addiction. If your reliance on alcohol creates chaos and suffering in your life, that is a warning sign that you may have an alcohol addiction. Our compassionate staff at Restoration Recovery fully empathizes with anyone that suffers from addiction without judgment. It is our goal to see our patients thriving, healthy, and at peace.

If you would like to learn more about our alcohol addiction programs at Restoration Recovery or book an appointment for yourself or someone you love, you can do so through our website or by calling us. We serve patients from Chattanooga TN, Dalton GA, Rocky Face GA, Tunnel Hill GA, Chatsworth GA, Spring Place GA, Fairmount TN, Walden TN, Harrison TN, Middle Valley TN, Signal Mountain TN and surrounding areas.

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