What Are the Benefits of Suboxone?

What Are the Benefits of Suboxone?

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Suboxone Near Me in Chattanooga, TN
Suboxone Near Me in Chattanooga, TN

Table of Contents:

What are the benefits of Suboxone?
How can Suboxone help me?
How long does it take for Suboxone to start working?
Who qualifies for Suboxone?

Suboxone is a medication used to help people reduce or quit their use of opioids such as narcotics like heroin or prescription painkillers like oxycodone. Suboxone contains a combination of two medications: buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist that can reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms while also having milder effects on the brain and body than other opioid drugs. Naloxone is a medication that reverses the effects of opioids and reduces the risk of overdose.

What are the benefits of Suboxone?

Suboxone is an effective treatment for opioid use disorder and provides many benefits over other treatment options, including:

– Alleviates withdrawal symptoms of opiate drugs
– Decreases cravings
– Reduces illicit drug use
– Blocks the effects of other opiates
– Retains patients in treatment programs
– Does not cause euphoria
– Helps people change their thinking & behavior
– Complements education, counseling, and other support measures
– Success rates are around 40-60%, much higher than the success rate of quitting cold turkey, which is less than 25%
– Long-acting, only taken once daily

How can Suboxone help me?

One of the main medications used to treat opioid addiction is Suboxone, a combination medication containing buprenorphine and naloxone. Treating opioid use disorder with Suboxone has been shown to lower the risk of fatal overdoses by approximately 50%; it also reduces the risk of nonfatal overdoses.
Suboxone works by binding to the same receptors in the brain as other opiates, and by doing so, it obstructs intoxication with other opioids, prevents cravings, and allows many people to return to a healthy, drug-free life.

How long does it take for Suboxone to start working?

Suboxone starts to work quickly; after taking the first dose, it takes about 20 to 60 minutes for the drug to start working. The peak effect occurs around the 100-minute mark (1 hour and 40 minutes) after the first dose is taken.
Suboxone can be taken 12-24 hours after the last opioid use. This timeframe is necessary because for Suboxone to work properly, the body must already be in opioid withdrawal.

Who qualifies for Suboxone?

Although Suboxone is a highly effective treatment, especially when combined with talk therapy, it is not right for everyone. People who qualify for Suboxone treatment:

Are Deeply Committed to the Idea of Sobriety — Being motivated to stay sober and live a better life is the primary concern for anyone seeking addiction treatment. Regardless of the type of treatment, if the person in treatment does not want to get sober or is not planning on staying sober long term, treatment will not be effective.

Have Relapsed After Traditional Drug Treatment — Unfortunately, relapse is a common occurrence among people recovering from an opioid use disorder. Relapse rates for addiction are comparable to those of other chronic illnesses like asthma and hypertension; between 40-60% of people relapse at least once.

Are Enrolled in Rehab or Therapy — Suboxone can have many benefits when combined with therapy, including:
– Reduced risk of opioid overdose
– Reduced risk of relapse
– Improved patient survival rates
– Improved treatment retention rates
– Decreased illicit substance use after rehab
– Improved birth outcomes in pregnant mothers
– Improved ability to maintain employment

Have substance Use Disorder Opioids For Extended Periods of Time — People who have substance use disorder opioids for an extended length of time, generally 6 months or more, are ideal candidates for Suboxone treatment. The longer people substance use disorder opioids, the more damage they do to the brain and nervous system, which can be hard to reverse in severe cases.

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