Drug Addiction Treatment for Pregnant Mothers

Drug Addiction Treatment for Pregnant Mothers Q&A

Restoration Recovery pays extra attention to pregnant mothers with drug problems. Our professionals work with full dedication to help them overcome their drug addiction. For more information, please call us or book an appointment online. We have convenient location to serve you in Chattanooga TN.

Drug Addiction Treatment for Pregnant Mothers Near Me in Chattanooga TN
Drug Addiction Treatment for Pregnant Mothers Near Me in Chattanooga TN

Table of Contents:

What does maternal drug substance use disorder mean?
What are the effects of drugs on an unborn fetus?
What are the long-term effects of drugs on pregnant mothers?

Restoration Recovery is proud to offer individualized treatment plans and rehabilitation programs for our community members. Whether you’re struggling with sobriety or any active addiction, we can help you. We are fortunate to have locations which serve patients in Chattanooga, TN. Recovering from substance use disorder can be very mentally and physically demanding and we want to make this healing journey as easy as possible for you. From the moment you walk into our doors from the months and years after leaving, we will support you through inpatient and outpatient treatments even when you think you can’t.

One reason women decide to come to Restoration Recovery is because of pregnancy. Substance use disorder addictions can have lifelong negative impacts on a pregnant mother and her fetus. We want to stop this dangerous path before it becomes potentially fatal for you and your child. Below is important information on drug addiction treatment for pregnant mothers.

What does maternal drug substance use disorder mean?

Maternal drug substance use disorder refers to any substance use disorder problems while a woman is pregnant. Addictions through pregnancy including alcohol, opioids, methamphetamine, heroin, or other drugs can cause major problems. Maternal drug substance use disorder can affect the fetus’s general development, brain, and body which will impact them outside of the womb forever.

What are the effects of drugs on an unborn fetus?

Substance use disorder unfortunately will negatively affect an unborn fetus in one way or another. These problems begin in the womb when the drugs reach the fetus through the placenta. An unborn fetus needs oxygen and nutrients for proper development and growth and when drugs cross paths with these nutrients, permanent damage to the fetus is done. Some cases are much more severe than others, here are just a few ways drugs could affect your fetus:

– Stillbirth
– Birth defects
– Sudden infant death syndrome
– Premature birth
– Small head circumference
– Dangerously low birth weight

Once the fetus is born, they may present symptoms of withdrawals, otherwise referred to as neonatal abstinence syndrome. NAS is most common with mothers who suffer from opioid use disorder; however, it has also been linked to caffeine, alcohol, and benzodiazepines. Symptoms of drug withdrawals in a newborn include:

– Blotchy skin coloring
– Uncontrollable crying
– High-pitched crying
– Irritability
– Poor feeding
– Fever
– Increased muscle tones
– Diarrhea
– Vomiting
– Sleep problems
– Seizures
– Trembling
– Difficulty breathing

There are a few treatment options for infants going through NAS to help reduce risk of serious and potentially fatal outcomes. In many cases, the newborn may need constant medical monitoring, medications, and very small doses of narcotics until they can adjust without them. Making sure they aren’t exposed to overstimulating things such as bright lights and loud noises can also help. Skin-to-skin affection and tender loving care has also been reported to make a huge positive impact on babies of a substance-abusing mother.

What are the long-term effects of drugs on pregnant mothers?

Drug addiction can have long-term effects on the mother as well. Pregnant mothers can experience the following:

– Seizures
– Heart attack
– Respiratory failure
– Strokes
– Increased risk for anemia
– Hepatitis
– Heart infection
– Skin infection
– Weakened immune and respiratory system

Substance use disorder and addiction is always dangerous and adding the complications of pregnancy makes it even more life threatening. If you are an addict and are pregnant, please seek help to save the lives of yourself and your fetus. This is a serious issue and even though getting help can be scary, we can assure you that it is your best and only option. Please call Restoration Recovery or a treatment center near you to get physical and mental health as you work past this difficult time. We serve patients from Chattanooga TN, Tyner TN, Ridgeside TN, Harrison TN, East Ridge TN, Ooltewah TN, Red Bank TN, and surrounding areas.