Health and Substance Screening Testing Services Q & A

Health and Substance Screening Testing Services Questions and Answers

Restoration Recovery offers testing services and health and substance screening. We offer drug and alcohol urine screening, STD testing, HIV testing, screening for substance use, mental health disorder screens, and hepatitis B testing. For more information, call us today or schedule an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you in Chattanooga, TN and Dalton, GA.

Health and Substance Screening Testing Near Me in Chattanooga TN & Dalton GA
Health and Substance Screening Testing Near Me in Chattanooga TN & Dalton GA

Many of the patients we get here at Restoration Recovery have a problem they need help with, like a substance use problem, while many others aren’t sure whether they have a problem at all. These other patients might just need a screening or testing service, like screening for substance use or a test for a certain health disorder. If you need such a service, then we’d like to provide it, but first, we’d like to give you a better idea of what these services are about. Here’s our Q&A on the subject!

Do I need to be screened or tested for a health or substance use problem?

You may need to get screened or tested if you believe you might have a health or substance use problem like:

  • A drug use problem, like a problem using or abusing alcohol
  • A mental health disorder like substance use disorder
  • An STD like HIV
  • An illness like hepatitis B

You might suspect you have a substance use problem or disorder and you might need screening/testing if you:

  • Crave the use of a substance
  • Are eating less or more than you used to eat
  • Sleep at irregular hours
  • Change your friends frequently
  • Are neglecting to take care of yourself
  • Have work- or family-related problems
  • Often change quickly from feeling good to bad and bad to good
  • Have lost interest in things you enjoyed
  • Spend more time than usual alone

Substance abuse or substance use disorder can hurt you and the people you care about and even lead to health problems and death. Counseling, medicine, or both may be necessary. If you have any of the symptoms of an STD or a minor illness, you should see a medical professional about it right away, as a condition like that can worsen and become serious. You may need screening/testing.

What are the screens, tests, and screening tools for substance abuse and health problems?

Here at Restoration Recovery, we have a number of different screens and tests for substance use problems, substance use disorder, STDs, and certain illnesses. These screens and tests include:

  • Drug and alcohol urine screening (for alcohol, over-the-counter medicines, prescription medications, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, or tobacco products)
  • Screening for certain mental health disorders like substance use disorder
  • Onsite STD tests like an HIV test
  • Hepatitis B screens
  • And others

We have a number of assessment, screening, and testing tools at our disposal too, like symptom checklists, questionnaires, alcohol/drug problem proneness scales, an alcoholism scale, predictive scales, and more. Also, we have additional services to help our patients recover, like substance use counseling, dialectical behavior therapy, relapse prevention services, cognitive behavioral therapy, and related services.

If you believe you need any of our services here at Restoration Recovery, reach out to us today. We can do a lot to help beyond providing screening and testing.

Where can I get health and substance screening and testing services?

You may be able to get these services from a medical professional like your primary care physician, but you might need a referral to see a specialist. Instead, you can just come to see us here at Restoration Recovery where our professional’s screen and test patients regularly. We’re open to patients from anywhere, like the areas of Chattanooga TN, East Ridge TN, Red Bank TN, Fort Oglethorpe GA, East Brainerd TN, and Middle Valley, TN.

We ask that you see our Locations page for the location nearest you, its address, and its contact information, then you can call us at that location or book an appointment with us online. You can be sure the appointment will be very discreet. We serve patients from Chattanooga TN, Dalton GA, Rocky Face GA, Tunnel Hill GA, Chatsworth GA, Spring Place GA, Fairmount TN, Walden TN, Harrison TN, Middle Valley TN, Signal Mountain TN, and surrounding areas.

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