Substance Use Disorder Treatment Q & A

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Questions and Answers

Restoration Recovery is here to help for substance use disorder. We offer many addiction treatment approaches including relapse prevention, dialectical behavior therapy, substance use counseling approach, and more. For more information, call us today or schedule an appointment online. We have convenient location to serve you in Chattanooga, TN.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Near Me in Chattanooga, TN
Substance Use Disorder Treatment Near Me in Chattanooga, TN

Table of Contents:

What qualifies as substance use disorder?
How can I get relief from drugs?
Where can I get substance use disorder treatment near me?

Do you need help with substance use disorder or know someone who does? We can help in a number of ways here at Restoration Recovery, like by providing substance use counseling or really, any other service you may need. To give you a better idea of what you can expect from us, here’s a bit of a Q&A on substance use disorder treatment with us here at Restoration Recovery. We’ll talk about what substance use disorder is, when you should seek professional help, and how we can help at our clinic.

What qualifies as substance use disorder?

Substance use disorder is using illegal drugs or using alcohol, prescription medicine, or another legal substance improperly or too much. It isn’t necessarily an addiction, as the person may be able to stop or change the behavior, but it can become an addiction which is an actual disorder that prevents the person from stopping or changing the behavior even if it’s causing the person harm.

Alcohol, over-the-counter medicine, prescription meds, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and tobacco products are common examples of substances people use for disorder. There are some common signs of substance use disorder, like:

– Craving substance use
– Lacking interest in things you used to enjoy
– Spending more time alone
– Eating more or less than you used to
– Sleeping at bizarre hours
– Changing your friends a lot
– Not taking care of yourself anymore
– Having problems with family or at work
– Quickly changing from feeling good to bad and bad to good

If you or someone you care about has some of the problems we listed, then the problem might be substance use disorder or even substance use disorder. A professional will be able to tell you whether either of those is the problem. Professional care may be necessary.

How can I get relief from drugs?

If you believe you have a substance use problem or disorder, then it’s important to seek help and guidance from a medical professional like your physician or one of our professionals here at Restoration Recovery. Substance use disorder or substance use disorder can hurt you and your loved ones, and even lead to health problems and death, and counseling, medicine, or both may be necessary.

At Restoration Recovery, you’ll be able to speak with a professional on substance use disorder and substance use disorder. Even if you’re unsure whether you have a problem, you can still speak with a professional. If you do have a problem, the professional can help in a number of ways, like by providing substance use counseling, dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, relapse prevention services, or a related service.

Such services have so many benefits for patients. For example, the services can help you learn how to identify signs of substance use disorder or misuse and cope with any withdrawal symptoms you have.

Where can I get substance use disorder treatment near me?

If you suspect you have a substance use problem or disorder, then you should speak with a professional about it, and you’ll find substance use and disorder professional here at Restoration Recovery. We’re open to patients from anywhere, including the areas of Chattanooga TN, East Ridge TN, Red Bank TN, Fort Oglethorpe GA, East Brainerd TN, and Middle Valley, TN.

Please see our Locations page for the location nearest you, its address, and its contact information, then call us at that location or book an appointment with us online. Your appointment with us will be very discreet.

We hope to hear from and help you soon here at Restoration Recovery! We serve patients from Chattanooga TN, Tyner TN, Ridgeside TN, Harrison TN, East Ridge TN, Ooltewah TN, Red Bank TN, and surrounding areas.